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Time to establish your presence in India Go with incorporating Indian Subsidiary

Indian Subsidiary

Starting an Indian Subsidiary is the most accessible and easy mode for setting up business in India by foreign companies. The Government of India allows 100% FDI in most of the industries when set-up as a company. This also becomes a reason for foreign nationals and entities to end up their search on private company structure to establish their business.

An Indian structure is also beneficial as it is a centralized structure in place and governed by Companies Act, 2013. Withholding the majority or whole portion of stocks, all you need is one resident director and a place of business in India. However, it is simplified to set-up and run business, these companies must assess pertinent provisions of law. The Indian subsidiary of a foreign entity is also popularly known as a foreign company in India

Benefits of Indian subsidiary registration

Minimum requirements to Set-up an Indian Subsidiary?

  • Minimum 2 directors shall be appointed, out of which one must be resident in India.
    2. Minimum 2 shareholders are required for this registration. Here, an individual may become shareholder and director at the same time.
  • A place of business in India must be provided as a registered office address.
  • Minimum Capital of Rs. 1lac
  • Parent company must hold 50% of total equity capital.

Procedure for Indian Subsidiary Registration:

Application for Digital Signature Certificate
Checking and Reservation of Name
Application for DIN, PAN and TAN of company
Drafting and submission of Documents for Company registration
Congratulations..Your work is completed!!